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Stardock Fences Crack With Product Key Full Latest Free Download 2022

Fences are resizable shaded areas on your desktop that automatically place shortcuts and icons. Fences are one of the most popular desktop enhancements for Windows due to their many customization options.

Installing a fence can help you organize your desktop. The program immediately divides all items into groups, such as “Programs,” “Folders,” and “Files and Documents.”. These items are grouped in shaded areas on your desktop, which you can move and resize.

You can hide the desktop icons with this app. It only takes a double click to fade out the desktop content and reveal a clear wallpaper. To reverse this, you simply have to click again.

While Fences 3 retains all of its predecessor’s features, it adds support for modern, high-resolution monitors, more translucency behind fences by blurring the wallpaper behind them, and compatibility with Windows 10. Users will also have the option of condensing their Fencing into a “title bar” instead of concealing the entire fence, making it easier to find files.

Stardock COO and Vice President of Software Angela Marshall stated, “When we are working on new iterations of our existing software, we always keep our customers’ needs in mind.” With Fences 3, we’re pleased to be able to offer high DPI monitors and Windows 10 compatibility, among many other great features.”


Using Fences, you can “fence” off items on your desktop, giving you a better organized and cleaner desktop where it is much easier to find the icon you are looking for. You can send desktop icons to their own corners and have them stay there with this tool. While it is not a tool for managing multiple displays, it can be useful for managing desktop icons across multiple displays.


Fences automatically hide all desktop icons when you double-click on the desktop for an even cleaner look. With this mode, you can exclude one or more fences from being hidden, so that when you double-click on the desktop, all unnecessary icons will disappear while the important bits remain visible.

You can also move the icons between different categories of Fences. When the mouse is moved over these fences, they become transparent and disappear. This helps in a number of ways, including maintaining a clean and neat desktop. Regardless if the company is big or small, there are certain pieces of software that users should have because they help in a variety of ways. Stardock Fences is one such program.


By placing your shortcuts and icons into resizable shaded areas on your desktop called fences, you can easily organize your PC. Fences is the world’s most popular Windows desktop enhancement because of its many customization features.

Easily rolled up fences

With the Roll-Up feature, you can eliminate clutter from your desktop while keeping your Fences easily accessible. The rest of the Fence will roll into the title bar when you double-click on it, saving you valuable space. By moving your mouse over the title bar or double-clicking it again, you can reveal the title and all its icons.

Pages on a desktop

You can create multiple fence pages on your desktop and quickly navigate between them. By dragging your mouse cursor to the edge of the screen, you can select a different desktop page. A new page of fences will appear. You can organize your favorite programs, documents, websites, and more with this feature.

Hide the desktop quickly

You can instantly clean up your desktop. Your desktop icons will fade out when you double-click any blank space on your desktop. If you double-click again, they will return. You can choose icons and individual fences to exclude.

Organize your desktop automatically

By defining rules for how your desktop icons are arranged, Fences will automatically sort new icons into the fences you have chosen.

Folder portals

A fence can act as a portal to any folder on your PC. Documents and pictures folders, for example, can be mirrored onto your desktop as a fence, so you can access their contents quickly without cluttering your desktop.

You can customize your fences

From the easy-to-use configuration menu, you can quickly customize your fence labels, background colors, and transparency.


Technology features

  • Organize your desktop icons according to these rules
  • Arrangement of snapshot fences for easy restoration
  • Maintain per-screen resolution or resize fences according to screen size
  • You can customize the fence spacing and icons


Here’s what’s new:


  • Modern, high-DPI monitors should have fences.
  • Organize your desktop with shaded areas.
  • On Windows 10, blur the wallpaper behind fences.
  • Roll up the fences to the Title-bar for cleaner desktops.
  • To hide or show icons, double-click the desktop.
  • You can organize your desktop icons by defining rules.
  • The fences can be viewed on multiple pages.
  • Any folder can be used to create a desktop portal.
  • From within the fence, navigate the folder structure.
  • Support for Windows 10.


How do fences’ system requirements differ?

Windows XP, Vista, and 7 all run Fences. 64-bit and 32-bit versions are supported on Vista and Win7.

Fences uses almost no system resources, so it only needs the operating system


  • PROS
  • Reduces clutter on your desktop instantly
  • You can quickly hide all the icons on your desktop with a double-click
  • Fences can be excluded from being automatically hidden
  • Individual fences can be sorted and scrolled
  • Rules can be specified to sort icons into fences automatically
  • Available for free
  • CONS
  • Icons for different fences cannot be different in size

How to Download and Install Stardock Fences

  1. Click the download button(s) below to download the required files. Depending on your download speed, this could take a few minutes to several hours.
  2. Turn off your antivirus software and/or Windows Defender
  3. Download the files and extract them. For instructions, see this article. MySoftwareFree will always be the password to extract.
  4. Go to the “Software Files” folder and run “Stardock fences.exe”. Installation instructions will appear on the screen.
  5. You now have the full version of Stardock Fences, without any limitations.

Note to the Editor

This review of Stardock Fences is a bit lengthy, but I tried to cover everything in the application, in order to help you decide whether it is worth trying. As for my opinion, I would say, regardless of which Windows you use, you should give it a try. You can uninstall it if you don’t like it, which I doubt will occur :P. All in all, Stardock Fences is among my top recommendations for desktop customization software.

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